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Get the best out of our super-connected world with software solutions that save time and effort for you and your stakeholders without risking undesirable outcomes.

Saasyan - Technology Curation

We stay up to date with the latest trends and technology so we can select innovative technologies that are fit for purpose for the solutions we offer.

Saasyan - Research & Development
R & D

We write our own software and deploy them as fully managed and supported SaaS offerings that deliver quality outcomes and reduced acquisition costs for our clients.

Saasyan - Partnership

Leverage all the benefits of technology without needing to know all the risks and challenges managing it can entail. We partner with you so you can focus on doing more of what you’re good at.

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Saasyan Assure

Enabling safer & more productive schools

By assisting schools to manage student web access, Assure helps schools to operate more efficiently, enhance student welfare, and improve learning outcomes. We achieve this by unlocking web usage data from best-in-class firewalls to make the invisible become visible.

Saasyan Reciprocity

Simple & repeatable data interchange

Saasyan Reciprocity is a turnkey solution that enables disparate applications to share and aggregate data from various databases and applications. Businesses and schools use Reciprocity to synchronise and transform data between multiple applications by schedule or trigger.

Saasyan Tempus

Unify & synchronise school timetables & calendars

Saasyan Tempus integrates calendars from leading school management, calendaring, and timetabling applications. Provide staff with a unified view available in Microsoft 365 or Google calendar rather than checking multiple apps.

Saasyan Advance

Enhance BYOD security & functionality

Saasyan Advance enables username-based web filtering and firewalling on the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls. It enables organisations to adopt BYOD policies without sacrificing security, functionality or ease-of-use.

Why Work With Us?

  • We bring a unique blend of core ICT infrastructure expertise and software development capability to create innovative, cloud based software solutions to problems with perceived high barriers to solve
  • We are experts in using the right mix of data sources – traditional, API based and IoT to name a few – and cloud technology to solve your pressing business problems
  • We are vendor agnostic, our advice is unbiased and this allows us to give honest, best-practice advice in easy to understand ways
  • With quality and integrity central to everything we do, we act as trusted advisors to our clients and strive to understand their business needs to put forward innovative solutions that best fit those needs


What our clients say

“Before working with Saasyan and Palo Alto, we had a solution which did not provide the digital citizenship or reporting capabilities we needed. The Palo Alto-Saasyan combination provided a no-compromise solution to achieve top-notch network security and best of breed cyber-welfare for our students.”

Nicolas Cronis, IT Manager - St Peter‘s Girls’ School

“Assure has been a great find for us. It surfaces a lot of information we previously were not able to see. And I am talking about very pertinent information. It also allows our staff to generate reports without having to wait longer than they need to.”

Greg Anderson, Chief Information Officer - The Society of Sacred Advent Schools

“Saasyan Assure is both powerful and easy to use. Our teachers are now on top of attempts to access inappropriate Internet content which used to go unnoticed, and our ICT department is no longer overwhelmed by requests for investigative reports. I highly recommend Saasyan Assure to any school.”

Kashif Magbool - Pymble Ladies’ College

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