Are you using an Enterprise Service Bus?

Are you using an Enterprise Service Bus to connect disparate systems?

Increased adoption of technology at schools has led to the proliferation of siloed apps. Problem is – these apps do not integrate well. Schools house several apps: a school management system, a timetabling system, a learning management system, a web filtering system, a student/parent portal etc. The list keeps growing.

Can schools benefit from a solution that makes it easy to glue systems together? This got me thinking of the concept of an enterprise service bus (ESB) for schools.

ESB is a communication system between software apps in a service-oriented architecture. It allows an organisation to connect disparate systems together. It performs the functions of protocol transformation, message modification, routing, logging etc. Essentially, ESB provides the middleware to connect their apps without rewriting them.

The idea of a central bus on which everything passes gives the opportunity for additional layers of abstraction. Using industry standards to “plug” other applications, clients, and such into this bus makes it so that connecting new services, data sources, and/or clients with disparate needs is relatively easy.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come.