Maximizing value through school timetables and calendars

Have you thought about how you can integrate your school timetable and all of the different calendars and scheduling systems that you have at your school? Many schools today, have taken various measures to deliver better value to their users. Want to know how? Read on to find out.

Pushing students’ timetables to personal calendars

One of these approaches has been to push the timetable to the personal calendars of students through Office 365 or Google Calendar. This essentially ensures that the students have easy access to the timetable data anytime anywhere.  Even last minute changes will be reflected the students and therefore they have no need to login to other systems to view their updated timetable.

Pushing teachers’ timetables to personal calendars

Teachers’ timetables can also be pushed through to their personal calendars through Office 365/ Google Calendar. This will give teachers quick and easy access to their timetables and will to need to login to other systems to access the latest timetable details. This will also make scheduling meetings with teachers really convenient as the teacher’s calendars will be the single source for their free and busy times of each day.

Easy bookings based on the timetables

You will also be able to book rooms and halls based on the school timetables. The room resource calendars will be up to date and will be regarded as the single source for the free and already occupied slots for the halls and rooms. This will prevent overlapping bookings and miscommunication. To make it easier, room resource calendars can be used to display the room booking information on wall mounted display panels so that students and teachers can easily see when they will be occupied.

Access for parents

Parts of the timetable can be made available to parents through the school extranet or the parents’ portal. This will enable the school to enhance the extranet or the parent portal by adding instant and real-time updates on the timing of classes and any extracurricular events.

Integration with other systems

Timetables can also be made available to other systems. One example of this would be Saasyan Assure which uses timetable data to precisely map the web activity of students to the period and the class during which it occurred.

The above examples show how valuable timetable data is and how schools can benefit from making it more integrated and more readily accessible. It also demonstrates how this approach to timetable info can increase the efficiency and cut down on time-consuming manual administrative tasks. Schools will no longer need to dedicate time to compile and send emails to notify students, staff or parents about last minute changes.