Saasyan’s cyber welfare solution helps schools safeguard student wellbeing

Sydney, Australia – 15 February 2021 – Leading EdTech solutions developer, Saasyan, has announced an increased adoption of its cyber welfare solutions for schools during the global pandemic. Saasyan has seen the number of schools using its Assure cyber welfare solution more than double in 2020 over 2019.

“With the rapid acceleration of online activity by students; digital citizenship and how students use technology and online tools to engage with others has increased in its importance. At Saasyan, we’ve seen increased adoption of our cyber welfare solutions for schools throughout the global pandemic.

“Across 2020, school leaders from every state and territory in Australia chose to prioritise the online safety of their students. With many students at home due to the lockdowns associated with the pandemic, advice from schools is that online behaviour is having an even greater influence on student wellbeing. Supporting schools to promote digital skills development and promoting safe online usage is vitally important, now more than ever before.” Greg Margossian, Saasyan CEO and Founder

Margossian went on to say, “In response to feedback from schools during the pandemic, we added new capabilities to Assure including the ability to provide enhanced reporting of how students use cloud-based systems including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. This means that actionable insights into web usage and student wellbeing are now available, regardless of where or how students access these platforms. These additional capabilities were immediately available to schools because Assure is fully cloud-enabled and hosted at Amazon Web Services.

Saasyan Assure has been implemented in Catholic, Independent and Government schools across Australia. In late 2019, Saasyan successfully secured a six-year contract to supply its cyber welfare software to more than 800 South Australian public schools. This project is rolling out currently. Margossian remarked that “The South Australian Department for Education SWiFT project is progressing well and Saasyan Assure is already assisting teachers, wellbeing professionals and IT staff in many schools across the state.


About Saasyan

Saasyan is a client-focused, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions developer. The firm is based in Sydney, Australia and delivers agile, cloud-based applications that enable clients to do what they do better. The firm specialises in solutions that unlock the value of their clients’ data to help them be more effective and efficient.

Saasyan’s flagship product Assure enables schools to proactively safeguard students’ online welfare by providing teachers, pastoral care professionals, school leaders and IT managers with unparalleled visibility of online activity. Assure’s simple to use reporting, and alerting system offers powerful, actionable insights powered by artificial intelligence that facilitate early intervention in cases of bullying and self-harm while also improving learning outcomes.

Assure also increases school productivity by enabling Teachers to easily manage web access from their classroom, saving time for teachers and IT managers and reducing the learning disruptions associated with inappropriate internet use.

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