Saasyan releases latest version of Cyber Welfare and Web Filter Reporting platform, Assure

With the proliferation of BYOD and cloud-based services, schools’ reliance on the Internet for educational purposes has increased dramatically. As a result, so has the risk of cyber-bullying and of students accessing inappropriate web content. Moreover, whilst firewall, web proxy and web filter vendors have released next generation solutions that can be configured to prevent certain web content from being accessed, most of these solutions are generally not designed for schools and lack vital pastoral care features.

Schools are then compelled to either sacrifice security for functionality, by settling for a basic web filter which is easy to use – or stick with an Enterprise grade firewall and require constant IT support. Saasyan Assure 3.2 solves this issue for Australian K-12 schools, by adding best of breed Pastoral Care functionality on top of an existing enterprise firewall.

This release of Assure 3.2 has been shaped by user feedback and requests, coming from Aussie School Teachers; Principals; School ICT Managers; School Administration; and Pastoral Care staff. All updates are focused around increasing capability, ease of use, and speed.

Saasyan have added a bubble map to their easy-to-use dashboard that displays the top ten students who are at risk of cyber-bullying and self-harm. Teachers can now specify the email subject to be used in alert rules they have created.

Assure also includes an override function so school staff can temporarily allow access to restricted sites and platforms. This override function can be exposed through learning management systems that support the LTI standard. Teachers will now be able to create a web override rule that instantly applies to students enrolled in a particular class or course.

Saasyan have completely revamped their reporting engine to make it faster and more user friendly. Teachers can now run a report to list all students who have accessed websites that the school has decided are off bounds.

School staff can now search for multiple keywords/phrases within alert logs, and export the alerts log to PDF for easy reporting on incidents.

And in advanced features – Assure 3.2 includes an Artificial Intelligence driven classifier, which complements keyword-based classification, to smartly pick up on the use of abusive words and phrases to enhance Assure’s cyber-bullying and self-harm detection capabilities.

For more information please contact Greg Margossian, Saasyan’s Founder and CEO, on