Saasyan Tempus new release reduces admin time for teachers and schools

Saasyan is delighted to announce that it has released Version 1.3 of its flagship timetable integration software, Tempus.

Tempus integrates data and schedules from Australia’s leading school management, calendaring, and timetabling applications. It allows users to use their preferred Office 365 or Google Calendar, rather than constantly checking multiple apps.

This release of Tempus opens new abilities for school staff and students to collaborate, cut down on administration, and unify schedules and timetables.

Users have been given more control with the release of Tempus 1.3. Staff and students can now login to Tempus to set their calendar reminders on or off, and to set their preferred event category. Both settings will override the system-wide ones set through the admin menu.

There are five key updates for System Admins of Tempus within this release. The updates are focused on increasing functionality, interoperability, and ease of use:

  1. Event Reminders can now be set on or off system-wide through the admin menu
  2. Timetable Import Schedule can now be set through the admin menu
  3. Status Page now displays more information, including the last synced timestamp and the number of sync enabled users
  4. Tempus now has a RESTful JSON API that can be leveraged to push timetable/calendar items and interact with the system programmatically
  5. Tempus now supports LISS v1.0.2 and is one of the export destinations within Timetabler from Timetabling Solutions

Greg Margossian, CEO of Saasyan, commented – “Teachers, school staff, and even students and volunteers within schools are overwhelmed with a barrage of messages and notifications every week of term. Balancing school life and extracurricular appointments is only becoming more challenging. This challenge is exacerbated by disparate calendaring and timetabling systems.”

“At Saasyan we are passionate about helping our hard-working teachers cut down on manual administrative work, so they can focus on doing what they love. We also help school administration make daily timetable changes immediately available to teachers and students, in their calendar app of choice.”

“Saasyan has built Tempus to allow schools and students to integrate all their classes and appointments into one calendar – a single point of truth. It takes an administrative load off the shoulders of our hard-working educators, and ensures our high-achieving young people can be focused on their school and life rather than on trying not to miss a class.”

As Saasyan grows and adds more delighted customers, it is focused on putting time and budget back into Research and Development. Saasyan’s mission is to create safe, productive schools: ongoing R&D combined with constantly listening to customer feedback are crucial to ensure this mission becomes a reality.

For more information please contact Greg Margossian, Saasyan’s Founder and CEO, on