SSL Decryption Is a Must Have

SSL Decryption Is a Must Have – But not quite enough for assuring the Cyber-Welfare of School Students

IT leaders from schools will agree that SSL is a good first step into achieving greater visibility into network traffic. However, it is not quite enough to establish cyber-welfare for students.

SSL decryption is vital for enhanced network security. It is a great feature to have on a layer 7 firewall. As more web traffic moves towards SSL, firewalls can no longer determine the identity of the applications that are passing through them leveraging simple constructs such as port numbers.

Also, in most cases, firewalls perform decryption, identify apps, check for malware, check for potential data breaches etc. These are great for network security but not enough for cyber-welfare. Where do firewalls fall short? They aren’t enough to expose whether someone is lookup up suicide hotline or getting cyber-bullied constantly. This is where cyber-welfare software, such as Saasyan’s Assure product comes in to play. Assure allows schools to have best of breed network security and the functionality required to provide cyber-welfare to students.