St Aidan’s and St Margaret’s are Anglican Girls Schools (the Schools) located near the heart of Brisbane, Australia with 1,800 students across two campuses.

Before choosing Saasyan Assure, teachers, school leaders and pastoral care teams at the Schools could only access reports based on data that was weeks old and did not allow for an in-depth look at web usage information. Additionally, generating these reports required the assistance of the IT Support team and were cumbersome to use.

The Schools recognised the importance of deploying enterprise-grade, next-generation firewall infrastructure to protect the Schools’ networks from sophisticated attacks and intrusion attempts. The Fortinet Fortigate firewall was cost-effective and provided the Schools with excellent web filtering and advanced threat protection.

‘Saasyan Assure allows our staff to easily generate reports that are immediately available.’
Greg Anderson | Chief Information Officer

Saasyan Assure presents St Aidan’s and St Margaret’s staff with a user-friendly web-based interface providing valuable student internet usage information in real-time.

This management dashboard presents a holistic view of online behaviour including visibility into where students are spending their time on the internet, with drill-down access to precisely view the websites, videos, and other online applications and services students are visiting. Assure also provides staff with a simple and reliable system to create and schedule reports without IT assistance. The self-service reports have resulted in a significant reduction in IT workload, and costs savings.

In combination with the Fortigate enterprise-grade firewall, Assure also creates actionable insights via email alerts to appropriate staff. These alerts are forwarded when the system detects worrisome chats, attempted access of unsavoury websites, or searches for inappropriate content. This proactive information assists pastoral care staff to ensure the online safety of students.

‘Assure has been a great find for us. It surfaces a lot of very pertinent information we previously were not able to see.’
Greg Anderson

Key benefits

Enhanced student welfare

Improved learning outcomes

Increased efficiency for school leaders and teachers

Productivity gains for ICT management

Good stewardship of funds