Assure FAQ

What are the resource requirements of the Saasyan Assure virtual appliance?

The Saasyan Assure virtual appliance requires two vCPUs, 6GB RAM and 32GB HDD.

What types of web overrides are supported?

Allow overrides can be used to allow access to a base URL or a web category whereas deny overrides can be used to deny access to a base URL, a web category or the whole Internet.

Can data be exported to Excel by the teachers?

Yes, teachers can export the data to Excel.

Does Assure capture a backup of the PAN config before adding the override rules?

Yes, a backup is captured automatically before and after an override rule creation.

How do the teachers get notified when an alert rule is triggered?

The teacher will receive a daily email digest with all the alerts that have been triggered during the day.

Can we obtain a copy for archival purposes?

Yes, data can be exported on demand at a rate of $5 per GB exported.

How long is the collected access data retained for?

Data is retained and kept online for the entire duration of the school year.

Is there an on premise option?

Yes, please contact Saasyan sales for further info.

How often is the data backed up?

The data is backed up once a day and kept for a month.

Is data accessed in real time from the firewall/web filter?

Data is collected continuously from the firewall/web filter and aggregated with other sources of info such as active directory, the bad words dictionary and third party APIs before it’s stored in the data warehouse. This aggregation process can happen as frequently as every 20 minutes.